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 [ FORUM RULES ] - Please read before posting!

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[ FORUM RULES ] - Please read before posting! Empty
PostSubject: [ FORUM RULES ] - Please read before posting!   [ FORUM RULES ] - Please read before posting! Icon_minitimeFri Sep 10, 2010 12:44 am

iGraphics Forum Rules

Hi everyone, welcome to IGraphics. This forum is dedicated to graphic designers everywhere who wish to share their artwork, chat, or just meet other designers. If you are here for selfish purposes such as stealing someone's work or insulting a designer, you may as well leave now or your account will be disabled.

There are some basic posting rules to abide by, so make sure you read these properly or else your thread will be deleted by the moderators.

  1. When posting, your subject must be enclosed in square brackets [ ] and in capitals (make sure there are spaces between your title and the brackets) like how the title of this thread is formatted. Then you can give a little bit more information afterwards.

  2. You will notice that some threads you will not be allowed to post in. This is because some threads are only open to staff members, and only they can create topics. But regular members will always be allowed to reply to these threads.

  3. If you are going to post, please make sure they won't be mistaken as spam. One or two word posts will be considered as spam and deleted. So if you don't really have much to say, then it's okay if you don't reply.

  4. If there are rules you do not understand or you are confused about, please don't hesitate to PM a moderator or the administrator. We will be happy to answer your questions!

  5. Please no cursing or swearing. We want to create a nice and friendly environment here at iGraphics.

  6. Post in English please! You can type pronunciations in English, like "Annyeong!" and other things like that. But please post in English.

  7. Absolutely no bashing of any graphic designer is tolerated. If such activity is seen on the forum, our administrator and moderators will investigate. Any members responsible will be subsequently banned or given a warning depending on the situation.

  8. As a forum for graphic designers, there is also absolutely no plagiarism tolerated. If you steal anyone else's work, then you are immediately banned. No questions asked. If you see someone plagiarising, PLEASE PM a moderator or the administrator right away. We do not welcome thieves.

  9. Please try not to hotlink any photos you find here, especially graphics done by our designers.

  10. Credits are a MUST. If you don't credit, it's plagiarising.

  11. Before you start a topic, make sure that it hasn't already been created. Our respective moderators will look after this.

  12. Before posting anything in any forum, look around for announcements or stickies. These are important and they are there for a reason.

And that is all for now. If there are any more added, you will be notified. Thanks for reading and happy posting! ^^


[ FORUM RULES ] - Please read before posting! 2504i9v
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[ FORUM RULES ] - Please read before posting!
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