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 [ SUYIN ] Timeless Couple

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PostSubject: [ SUYIN ] Timeless Couple   Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:37 am

MAN! Why didn't I notice this? I could have created a thread earlier. Anyway, this is a thread dedicated for SuYin.

SuYin = Xiah Kim Junsu + Zhang Li Yin

To be honest, and I don't mean to offend any other couplings but I don't like it when Li Yin or Junsu is paired up with anyone else. I'm serious. Not even yaoi couples or JaeYin or YooSu. SuYin is the only coupling in my heart(besides some others but they don't touch topics with Li Yin or Junsu).

I'll try and post updates, if any.

Well, if you haven't, do visit and join Timeless Love Heaven Forum which is a forum dedicated to SuYin and SuYin only.

Timeless Heaven Forum here: http://timelesslove.heavenforum.org/forum.htm

AND, who wants their SuYin one-shot published? Well, Timeless Love Heaven Forum is having a Timeless Book of One-shots. Do submit your one-shot!

Timeless Book of One-shots: http://timelesslove.heavenforum.org/timeless-projects-f23/timeless-book-of-one-shots-project-2010-t663.htm

Who favours a SuYin Secret Santa? You don't have to do SuYin related stuff. Just go by what your SuYin Secret Santa wants.

Secret Santa Here: http://timelesslove.heavenforum.org/timeless-projects-f23/secret-santa-2010-t673.htm#13913

I'm trying really hard to compile a list of SuYin completed fics so do visit and contribute to this list on asianfanfics.com.

List here: http://www.asianfanfics.com/blog/view/1415/28

Well, enjoy your day and continue spazzing about SuYin!
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[ SUYIN ] Timeless Couple
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