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 [ VERBOTENE LIEBE ] German Soap Opera

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PostSubject: [ VERBOTENE LIEBE ] German Soap Opera   Thu Sep 02, 2010 12:24 pm

:German Soap Opera

- - - - - ;

Title: Verbotene Liebe / VL / Forbidden Love
Genre: Soap Opera
Episodes: 3,659 (as of 30 July 2010)
Country of origin: Germany
Language: German

(too many currents, recurring, & comings | MAINS)
Jo Weil as Oliver Sabel

Thore Schölermann as Christian Mann

- - - - - ;

TV Series circling around young people, friends and families in Cologne and Düsseldorf, Germany. The series' trademark is that it tells both about life in rich (such as dukes and duchesseses) as well as "normal" families and people. Other and maybe most important trademark is that there always is one or many case/s of forbidden love ("Verbotene Liebe"), such as homosexuality or adultery.

- - - - - ;

This SOAP OPERA is heck good! But only because the guys are hot and the S 3 X. xD I can't stop watching it! I recommend this to YAOI lovers. It's also my escape from ASIANTOWN. -_- No not the real site.

But here's my summary of it, to make it more interesting. Smile
Oliver comes in. He falls in love with Christian, who has a girlfriend. Things happen, like girlfriend going away, Oliver kissing Christian, Christian goes through a crisis. He of course has an undying love for Oliver and he can't confess because he's scared. :3

The only time it'll get boring is when the episode is not bout them/ This SOAP OPERA has many casts and they focus on everyone's POINT OF VIEW.


- - - - - ;



i really wasted my time :/
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[ VERBOTENE LIEBE ] German Soap Opera
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